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Image Pro Slide (needed for Image Pro Fan System)

Stock Code: IPS

Image Pro Slide (needed for Image Pro Fan System)
Image Pro systems allow creation of your own colour gobos on home inkjet printers using film 3.7? wide by 3.45? high, which when placed in the Image Pro Slide & carrier will give the effect of a glass gobo at a fraction of the price of having custom glass or metal gobos made. The image diameter is 2.5?. The Image Pro Slide Carrier fits only Brio, SL, 575w Source 4 and Selecon 600w Pacific lanterns which have a much lower operating temperature than other units. Coupled with the fan system in the Image Pro this enables plastic gobos to give 60 hours or more continuous use which should cover use in the most demanding of presentations / shows.
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  Bubble/Snow/Foam (6)
  Cabling-> (169)
  Communications (9)
  Confetti/Streamers (8)
  Control-> (57)
  Dimmer Racks (11)
  Drapes (11)
  Exit/Emergency (3)
  Fire / Flames (11)
  Haze Machines (3)
  Image Pro (3)
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  Scenery Fixings (6)
  Smoke (11)
  Sound-> (122)
  Stage / Tent (6)
  Studio Lights (2)
  Tab Track (16)
  Trussing-> (47)
  Video / AV (49)
  Wind / Fans (2)
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